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Winning Mark has helped the Humane Society Legislative Fund have an impact in more than 30 candidate and ballot measure campaigns in 18 states. They get it all right: creativity, strategy and complex logistics, and always with extraordinary service.
— Michael Markarian | President, Humane Society Legislative Fund
Not only was Winning Mark a central part of our historic defeat of three anti-teacher measures, their online work is changing how we function as an organization. They are great at what they do, but their commitment goes far beyond any single campaign. We believe in them because they believe in us – and leave no stone unturned in helping us succeed.
— Robin Nettinga | Executive Director, Idaho Education Association
It’s a rare thing to watch a political ad and really see yourself coming through. Winning Mark showed voters exactly who I am, what I care about, what I have done and what I intend to do - all in 30 seconds.
— Deborah Kafoury | Multnomah County Chair
Passing our measure in an off-year election absolutely required us actively turning out younger progressive voters. Winning Mark’s ground-breaking “Did They Vote” digital campaign and app was one of the best investments we made.
— Liz Kaufman | Campaign Manager, Yes on 91
Many thought it couldn’t be done… [The] election showed that Democrats could win in Boise… This was a real kick in the teeth to the Republican Party.
— The Idaho Statesman
Winning Mark was an integral strategic partner that helped us win the largest educational bond measure in state history. As the economy went south, they were in constant contact to respond to the fast-changing political and financial climate.
— Preston Pulliams | Former President, Portland Community College
Trust for Public Land works to protect open spaces, natural areas and the environment in small communities and in large states. Winning Mark’s ability to help every level of campaign win really sets them apart. Not only do they deliver what most other firms just talk about, they do so with an incredible commitment to customer service.
— Josh Alpert | Northwest Conservation Finance Director, The Trust for Public Land
Defend Oregon’s ballot guides improved the vote margin in statistically and substantively significant ways…In terms of the total vote margin, the estimated effects are remarkable.
— Analyst Institute
Winning Mark’s integration of direct mail and the most cutting edge targeting experiments definitely delivered votes that we would have otherwise never won.
— Jill Harris | Drug Policy Alliance
It is difficult to articulate the sheer awesomeness of the team at Winning Mark. They combine performance, expertise, personality, and vision to deliver incredible results.
— Sophie Noero | Program Administrator, Worksafe
Winning Mark delivered a punch that was perfectly timed, and perfectly aimed.
— Brad Martin | Executive Director, Democratic Party of Oregon
The Libraries Yes! campaign is one of the most innovative approaches I’ve encountered in place-based advocacy.
— Debra Askanase | Community Organizer 2.0
The team and the systems at Winning Mark made it possible for us to create and distribute the materials for a complex, nationwide campaign that generated hundreds of thousands of postcards sent to President Bush. This campaign was highly effective and Winning Mark was a big part of that success.
— Martha Bixby | Director of Campaigns and Outreach, Save Darfur
You have done an ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE JOB on this piece. I’m awestruck. DANG!! Thank you all so much; I’m surprised and grateful that the piece has gotten so much shine. Again, thank you thank you.
— Steve Stein aka Steinski | Hip Hop Producer
Winning Mark helped us deploy an ambitious digital strategy adeptly and swiftly with plenty of savvy and energy.
— Heidi Hagemeier | The Campaign for the Owyhee Canyonlands
You and your team rock so hard. Thanks again and again for everything.
— Amy Hojnowski | Political Director, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon
Winning Mark combines super-sophisticated technical expertise with the hearts, passion, and creativity of seasoned advocates. They’re committed to winning campaigns, while making you look good too.
— Margie Kelly | Communications Director, Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families
The Winning Mark team helps us work smarter and reach more people. And they manage to make us feel like we are always their top priority.
— Jeana Frazzini | Executive Director, Basic Rights Education Fund
Winning Mark’s media work sells our work for us. The public response we’ve gotten in just the first week from the first online video they created for us has already brought us new donors, new volunteers and new partners. What more could you ask for? Oh, right, they’re just a pleasure to work with.
— Rebecca Shine | Student Alliance Project