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Rebecca Isbell


Rebecca Isbell

503-221-7922 x 202

A dynamic digital operations manager with a unique perspective in the world of operations, ad-tech, and program creation & implementation. 

During her days at Winning Mark Rebecca spends her time researching, creating, implementing, and optimizing the ad tech, digital tools, and systems that function behind the scenes and make our campaigns successful, cutting edge, and seamless. 

Rebecca began by working directly within the government as a part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and, later, with political and charitable non-profits. During this period of her life she gained invaluable experience and discovered a new love for digital communication (and it's power in social movements). It was after discovering this new-found love that she re-modeled her work to include both technology and activism, which eventually led Rebecca straight to Winning Mark.

Rebecca was first introduced to the world of political activism and engagement when she stumbled into her high school's debate practice. All she really wanted was some help on her English homework, but what she found instead was a group of nerds that cared deeply about the world around them - and she was in love. She continued to debate through college where it continued to open her to new styles of thinking and schools of political and philosophical thought.