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Megan Keating

A highly analytical digital specialist focusing in the day-to-day operations of our client’s digital media plans.


Megan Keating

503-221-7922 x 207

A highly analytical digital campaign manager. 

Since joining Winning Mark in 2017, Megan has used her experience in digital operations and political campaigning to help issue, candidate, and ballot measure campaigns win. Her background in digital media has been largely focused on environmental advocacy and statewide ballot measures, where she has helped secure progressive policies from public land protections to medicaid funding. 

With a relentless commitment to understanding each campaign’s unique and dynamic needs, Megan drives results in digital fundraising, legislator contact, and voter persuasion.

Megan graduated from Reed College with a degree in Political Science. During her undergraduate career, she spent extensive time conducting research on climate change policies, financial regulation, and the relationship between policy tools and target populations. Megan's fascination with political strategy and target behavior led her to the world of campaign media and advertising, where she finds the combination of politics, strategy, and psychology exhilarating. 

As an avid distance trail runner, cyclist, and climber, Megan’s political activism was sparked by a strong passion for the outdoors. Her time spent exploring the Pacific Northwest’s incredible terrain has made her a staunch advocate for environmental protection.