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Mark Wiener

Mark Wiener has been a leader and innovator in campaign strategy, voter contact and movement politics, starting as an aide to Congressman Chuck Schumer in 1981.


Mark Wiener

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With over 35 years of experience at every level and with every part of government and politics, he’s the Mark of Winning Mark.

Starting in 1981 as an aide to New York Congressman Charles Schumer, Mark Wiener has worked inside of government at the federal, state and local level. He then became a sought-after campaign consultant working both independently and as part of M+R Strategic Services, specializing in campaign strategy, message development, direct mail and broadcast media. He co-founded Winning Mark in 2004, leading the firm to a remarkable record of progressive victories and innovation in strategy, digital campaigning and award-winning paid media.

Mark also has extensive experience in shaping strategy, stories and messaging for elected officials, government agencies, unions, advocacy organizations and businesses on subjects including transportation, public services, child abuse, libraries, criminal justice, consumer protection, human rights, economic equity issues and open space, livability and environmental protection. He has expanded that work into the international sphere, helping democratic movements in both Eastern Europe and Asia.

Working with co-Founder Jeff Lennan, and the rest of the Winning Mark team, Mark is proud to have built a firm that wears its values on its sleeves and leaves no stone unturned to deliver for its clients and causes.