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Madeline Roth


Madeline Roth


A dedicated digital campaign manager, Madeline brings ample experience developing and managing all aspects of a campaign’s digital program, including strategy, creative, ad management, and budget oversight.   

Whether she is working to help pass renewable energy legislation, elect pro-education candidates, protect public lands, or reinforce the value of union membership, Madeline makes sure her client's digital communications are targeted at the right people and feature effective messages. 

Since joining Winning Mark early in 2015, Madeline has worked closely with clients to help identify their strategic communication goals, develop detailed plans to meet those goals, and execute communications plans that adapt to evolving conditions while keeping the campaign's main objectives in focus. 

Madeline first started working with campaigns in 2013 in Utah as a grassroots organizer for local city council and mayoral races. In preparation for the 2014 elections, she worked with the state's progressive organizations including Planned Parenthood, Sierra Club, and AFL-CIO to implement digital tools and advanced voter targeting techniques. 

After graduating from the University of Utah in 2014 with degrees in Political Science and English, Madeline moved to Washington, D.C. to intern for U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Working in his communications department, she staffed press conferences, compiled reports for interview prep, and tracked media coverage of Democratic Senate candidates across the country. 

Madeline's political science capstone research paper found that voters don’t give a shit about a President’s campaign promises after an election unless nothing is beautiful and everything hurts. She is haunted by this finding.