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Greta Gibbens


Greta Gibbens

503-221-7922 x 232

A proud progressive focusing on creative production and strategy.

As a designer, Greta helps shape the look, feel, and branding of campaigns. She spends her days creating digital ads, shareable images, and systems to streamline the creative process for campaigns.

Her experience providing in-house graphic design for ballot initiative campaigns has given her a keen understanding of the role design plays in winning elections —  experience that she now puts to use finding elegant solutions to complex problems. From finding compelling ways to visualize tax policy to tailoring branding to lead the conversation surrounding marijuana policy, Greta has a proven track record of using design to break through the noise.

Greta first discovered the role digital media plays in progressive change-making during her high school years, when a GIFset she made to dispel myths about sexual violence went viral, reaching an audience of tens of thousands. By integrating design into her advocacy, she was ultimately able to gain an audience of hundreds of thousands and a platform to stand up for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. Since then, she’s put her design to use to advocate for drug policy reform, accessible healthcare, and workers’ rights. Her experience has shown her that thoughtful design is integral to make progressive politics accessible to all, a belief that continues to guide her in her work today.