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Flavia Bortoleto


Flavia Bortoleto

503-221-7922 x 233

A thorough worker who brings enthusiasm and a desire for perfection to every project she touches. 

Flavia is passionate about exploring all the ways digital advertising can impact progressive causes. She spends her time at Winning Mark ensuring that digital campaigns run smoothly, that every technical detail is in place, and that campaigns are structured in the most granular and efficient way possible. Flavia has a commitment to continuously improving internal processes as she expands her knowledge of the digital advertising landscape.

Prior to joining Winning Mark Flavia worked as an Internal Marketing Specialist, and a Digital Operations Specialist at Adpearance, a full-suite digital marketing company. At Reed College, Flavia majored in History-Literature, and wrote her thesis on class representation of marginalized identities in anti-dictatorial artworks and literature during the Pinochet regime in Chile. Writing her thesis on one of history’s harshest dictatorships during the incipiency of the Trump administration gave her perspective on the successes and limitations of symbolic resistance-- which shapes her perspective on resistance movements and political advertising.

In her free time Flavia enjoys spending time with her close female friends and attending local indie rock concerts.