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We defend human rights.

We defend human rights.

Martin Luther King Jr. once said “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” But that only happens if those who care about justice work hard to bend it.  Nothing motivates us more than working on behalf of human rights here and abroad, whether it is working to fight genocide, discrimination or political oppression.

A Million Voices for Darfur

At the height of the genocide in Darfur, advocates in America struggled to raise awareness and press the United States government towards stronger action. The Save Darfur Coalition came up with a plan that many at the time said was preposterous: Deliver one million postcards to the White House asking President Bush to strengthen American engagement and to demand a multi-national force to help protect the people of Darfur. Winning Mark helped make it happen, producing folding mail pieces with a detachable remit card in separate versions branded by a dozen different faith-based organizations, as well as stand-alone postcards, one-page flyers, posters and print advertising. 

The G20 summit was a high-profile opportunity for the Save Darfur Coalition to get a message out to dignitaries attending the global economic conference. Graphic design from the campaign appeared on billboards, trucks and posters around Pittsburgh during the event. 

The team and the systems at Winning Mark made it possible for us to create and distribute the materials for a complex, nationwide campaign that generated hundreds of thousands of postcards sent to President Bush. This campaign was highly effective and Winning Mark was a big part of that success.
— Martha Bixby, Director of Campaigns & Outreach, Save Darfur

Love Wins

We are exceedingly proud to have played a part in the social movement that culminated in victory in the Supreme Court. Now, it’s not gay marriage.  It’s just marriage.

Long before there was a Winning Mark, Co-Founder Mark Wiener worked to repel political attacks on LGBTQ people and communities, while working to secure their basic rights, including marriage equality.  Part of the work included a series of experiments that tested both messages and how to deliver them in a way that moved opponents in the right direction.  Findings included the importance of the Golden Rule (treat others as you would want them to treat you) and how best to touch the hallmarks of our common humanity. 

Ads targeted at custom audiences generated over 80,000 actions and 11,000 conversions.

Ads targeted at custom audiences generated over 80,000 actions and 11,000 conversions.

Population Connection

In early 2016, Winning Mark worked with Population Connection to raise awareness of the importance of providing reproductive health access to women and girls abroad. The goals of the campaign were twofold: raise awareness by targeting politicos and journalists across the country as well as generate new emails for their list. There were over 80,000 actions taken on our social media ads and videos, and we helped the campaign generate 11,374 new emails.