Winning Mark
We help progressive campaigns win.

We help build better communities.

We help build better communities.

A lot of things go into a great place to live, work and grow.  Winning Mark has helped fund just about all of them, from schools, parks, public safety and libraries, to preserving our land, water and air, to the most basic needs of protecting children and providing a decent, affordable home.

A Place to Call Home

Portland, Oregon was once known as one of the great, affordable cities to live in. Now it is Ground Zero of an affordable housing crisis that is driving people from the community they once called home -- often onto the street. Winning Mark served as general consultant and provided direct mail and digital services to the historic 2016 Portland Affordable Housing Bond that is the linchpin of a coordinated effort to respond to the crisis, and make sure that all Portlanders can have a place to call home.

Library Love

The Multnomah County Library is one of the nation’s premier library systems. For many years, Winning Mark has helped pass their 5-year serial levies, which came to provide over 60% of their funding. Over two elections in 2012, we ran campaigns that created a permanent library district. It included an innovative place-based social media campaign called “Love Your Library” that built and activated support for the “Holy Grail” of the library: a permanent source of adequate funding for the library that assure a stable future for one of the community’s greatest assets.

Despite the favorable climate, the Libraries Yes Campaign wasn’t going to rest on their laurels — and furthermore they saw a golden opportunity leading up to the vote. Conceived by local agency Winning Mark, the campaign launched “Heart Your Library/Show Your Library Some Love,” which leveraged four place-based social networks — Google Places, Foursquare, Yelp, and Facebook Places.
— A.V. Crofts, The Seattle Times

Happy Trails

For many years we have worked with the Trust for Public Land to preserve parks, natural areas, waterways and wildlife in communities across the West.  As development threatened the open spaces and spectacular natural heritage of Colorado Springs, we successfully expanded their Trails, Open Space and Parks program to protect their signature quality of life.