Winning Mark
We help progressive campaigns win.

We fight for teachers, students & schools.

We fight for teachers, students & schools.

A strong public education is the bedrock of a functioning democracy.  For more than 20 years we have fought for schools, the students who rely on them and the teachers that make them work.

We Defeated Idaho's Luna Laws

In 2011, the Idaho Legislature passed a package of three laws which made sweeping changes to the state’s education system. The laws were introduced and championed by Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna and were a direct attack on Idaho’s teachers, their profession and their unions. The Idaho Education Association collected the signatures to the refer them to the ballot in the form of three statewide measures. Winning Mark created an integrated direct mail and digital program that combined cutting edge tactics and testing with seasoned strategic advice that soundly defeated all threes laws in the reddest state in the nation.

Not only was Winning Mark a central part of our historic defeat of three anti-teacher measures, their online work is changing how we function as an organization. They are great at what they do, but their commitment goes far beyond any single campaign.
— Robin Nettinga, Executive Director, Idaho Education Association

We Increase School Funding (A Lot)

We have won campaigns to increase school funding by billions of dollars, across states and in the tiniest communities. Our campaigns have passed bonds to build new schools and repair old ones, levies to pay for teachers and programs, and have even passed entirely new taxes to prevent damaging cuts or to add art, music and career/technical education. Why? Because building a better future starts right now, in our public schools.

We Help Education Associations Do Great Work

We love teachers; we wouldn’t have amounted to much without them.  And never have the unions that advocate for teachers and their protection been so important. Winning Mark works with education associations to communicate with and strengthen their member base. We help win independent expenditure campaigns at the ballot box and build coalitions that stand up for schools, students and teachers in communities and state capitols.