Winning Mark
We help progressive campaigns win.


Education Associations do great work. We make that work for them.

You do a lot of great work. But think about how much more effective you could be if it was all working together. That's where we can help.


In the bubble of a legislative session, legislators can sometimes forget the voters who sign their paychecks. We help break through that bubble. As your lobbying team is working the halls of the capitol, we help deliver real-world reminders to legislators that their constituents care about the legislation impacting their schools – and that they are watching.


Winning Mark has helped education associations create independent expenditure campaigns to elect pro-education candidates at every level, in every medium. We've helped pass dozens of measures increasing school funding and defeat measures that attack teachers and their unions.


We create systems that can track, communicate with and mobilize your members through CRMs, social media, email and text programs in ways that use them as powerful, trusted messengers, build your association’s brand internally and externally and reinforce the value of belonging to the union.


Winning Mark has helped build coalitions that bring together educators, parents, students, community leaders and businesses to advocate for increased school funding, lower class sizes, fair contracts and respect for public education.

When you bring focus, strategy and coordination to the stuff you are already are doing, you’d be amazed what you can get done. Let us show you how.