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Artie Nelson


Artie Nelson

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A passionate enthusiast for all things political who specializes in the daily operations of digital ad campaigns.

Artie operates the day-to day aspects of digital ad campaigns while helping clients to implement and execute their online campaign goals. She also specializes in ad promotion, digital campaign optimization, and assisting in the creative side of website development.

Artie received her undergraduate degree from the College of Charleston in 2015 with a major in Political Science and minor in Criminal Justice. As an undergraduate, she delved into the world of political campaigns and event planning. She became a field organizer for Elizabeth Colbert Busch’s 2013 special election campaign for SC congressional house district 1. From there, she became the Special Events Coordinator for the College of Charleston where she contracted, planned, and marketed large, sold out events for the college with budgets of over $50.000. Her senior honors thesis centered on how the Obama coalition secured an increased voter share in the American South through the expanded use of field offices in the region. Artie also holds a strong interest in legal advocacy with an emphasis in closing the gap in racial disparities in the criminal justice system. She was able to work in this realm as a legal intern at the Charleston County Public Defender’s Office from 2014 to 2015.  After undergrad, Artie relocated to Bristol, England for two years to study at the University of Bristol where she received her Masters of Science degree in International Security. Her dissertation there focused on the predisposition to terrorism in a corrupt Nigerian state.

As a recent transplant to Portland, Artie spends most of her free time soaking in the sights of the Pacific North West. She gets her fulfillment of politics on a daily basis by listening to her favorite podcasts and subscribing to her favorite online newspapers. She is also a lover of music and makes it her mission to frequently check out her favorite bands in the Portland area.