My Experience at the 2016 Women Grow Leadership Summit

One week ago I left for a leadership summit. I was excited, eager, nervous… But, mostly, I was scared. I was just about to fly out to represent Winning Mark at a Leadership Summit for women entrepreneurs and leaders in the cannabis industry. I know! It sounds cool. And it was cool. I got to meet incredible people and join them in coming together to push for the betterment of our society through the legalization of marijuana. It was so cool.

12670123_1141607569185846_6344186637720472545_nI cried when I heard the story of Moriah Barnhart, whose daughter’s life was saved because of cannabis and Moriah’s compassion and commitment to do whatever it took to save her child. And I laughed (and deeply resonated) with Jazmin Hupp’s list, “How to tell your mom that you smoke marijuana,” given to help motivate those at the conference to have those uncomfortable conversations and start the national conversation debunking the harmful stereotypes of cannabis users.

When asked to sum up this experience in a short blog post, I giggled, because that is an impossible task. But I gave it some thought and this is what I can say about the 2016 Women Grow Leadership Summit; that event, and those women (and men) made me feel included and empowered, they  inspired me in such a way that I left that compilation of speeches, panels, meet-ups, and conversations with a such a confidence in my step, that I thought I might have accidentally joined a cult. 

Group picture that was taken before a day break out sessions with panels of presenters. If you look hard enough, you can see me all the way in the back, just a little left of middle.

The members of Women Grow deeply and compassionately believe in the good that the legalization of medical marijuana would bring to our society, our communities, and our families. AND they believe in achieving this, and all other goals, under the guiding values of inclusion, compassion, social justice, and environmental stewardship. The individuals that I met this past week work tirelessly to be good people, to fight for the things that they believe in, and to be the best that they can at that moment. That is something that I can get behind.

Melissa Etheridge put it perfectly in her speech “Changing the Cannabis Paradigm” when she said:

I want to tell my journey, because I find that when I tell my journey it inspires. And that… that is some of the best stuff that we can do for each other, is to inspire each other. And that is what is so great about Women Grow.

Women Grow is proof that together we can make an industry that sets new standards. An industry dedicated to social justice and environmental stewardship. And an industry lead by women. I am going to leave you with what Melissa Etheridge left us with. What we are really missing is that one big national movement that lets the officials being elected know that these are issues that they must talk about. Become apart of the movement by joining the coalition and be connected to local people, campaigns, and businesses supporting cannabis legalization in your state, Text NCC to 420420 or click here to join.

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