Video is no longer just something you broadcast on TV at the end of a campaign. It can now be used throughout the life of the campaign, across multiple platforms and screens, as a way to deliver messaging, exhort your base and win new supporters, and it can now be targeted and optimized like never before. Whether you can tell your story in 30 seconds, or you need more time to tell it, we’ve got you covered.


Oregon United for Marriage

Oregon United for Marriage set out to build the most powerful online community devoted to an issue in Oregon.

The social media campaign gained support by highlighting the ease and quickness of clicking “Like”, “Share”, or “Retweet”. In appropriate fashion, Winning Mark helped create a short video for the 72 Hours of Social Media Action campaign, bringing community members into the Instagram spotlight.

The Winning Mark team helps us work smarter and reach more people. And they manage to make us feel like we are always their top priority.

JEANNA FRAZZINIExecutive Director, Basic Rights Oregon

Belfast Lord Mayor – West Coast Trade Mission

After years of conflict and economic stagnation, the Northern Ireland peace process opened doors of progress and opportunity.

Sinn Fein’s Máirtín Ó Muilleoir became Lord Mayor of Belfast with a singular focus: Leverage the spirit and creativity of Northern Ireland’s capital city into a new economic energy that would lift all parts of the community. Winning Mark was proud to help document one of his most successful forays through the West coast.

Jesus, what a great video. Many thanks.

MAIRTIN Ó MUILLEOIRLord Mayor of Belfast

Stuff Dennis Richardson Says

Republican candidate for Governor Dennis Richardson was a State Representative from Southern Oregon with a long record of saying outrageous things.

The problem was that Oregon voters had no idea who he was or what he stood for. As he tried to position himself as a centrist who could represent Oregonians, we at Winning Mark begged to differ. Using his own words, we created a set of videos that helped define Richardson as hopelessly out of step with Oregon values.

Winning Mark delivered a punch that was perfectly timed, and perfectly aimed.

BRAD MARTINExecutive Director, Democratic Party of Oregon

Deborah Kafoury

After the resignation of its previous occupant, the office of Multnomah County Chair was going to be filled in a special election.

Deborah Kafoury was well liked, but was also up against a well-financed and well-known opponent. She had enough budget to do one 30 second spot and a direct mail program. Winning Mark used both those tools to capture both her progressive politics and warm personality, helping to deliver what turned out to be a crushing victory.

It’s a rare thing to watch a political ad and really see yourself coming through. Winning Mark showed voters exactly who I am, what I care about, what I have done and what I intend to do – all in 30 seconds.

DEBORAH KAFOURYMultnomah County Chair

Libraries Yes!

“Show Your Library Some Love” encouraged supporters to use location-based social media to rate their library and share what their library means to them.

This campaign was designed to utilize location-based social networks to maximize awareness of the Multnomah County Library system leading up to May 15th’s pivotal election, which included a renewal of the Library Levy that provides 65% of library funding. The strategy has both a short-term and long-term impact on raising awareness of the value libraries provide to people throughout the community.

The Libraries Yes! campaign
is one of the most innovative
approaches I’ve encountered
in place-based advocacy.

Debra AskanaseEngagement Strategist, Community Organizer 2.0

Student Alliance Project

The Student Alliance Project chose Winning Mark to produce an online video to launch their website and social media presence.

Our crew joined the young people and organizers on their retreat to film poetry readings inspired by ideas of identity, diversity and inclusivity. It was a privilege to get to know these young people and be inspired by their passion for social justice.

Learn more about the Student Alliance Project via our friends at the Momentum Alliance.

Winning Mark’s media work sells our work for us. The public response we’ve gotten in just the first week from the first online video they created for us has already brought us new donors, new volunteers and new partners. What more could you ask for? Oh, right, they’re just a pleasure to work with.

REBECCA SHINEFounder, Student Alliance Project

Mitt vs. The Truth (feat. Steinski)

The chance to help defeat Mitt Romney was great.

The chance to work with Hip Hop legend Steinski was epic. We have this video ready for 2016 in case anyone needs to be reminded about the 47 percent or binders full of women.

You have done an ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE JOB on this piece. I’m awestruck. DANG!! Thank you all so much; I’m surprised and grateful that the piece has gotten so much shine. Again, thank you thank you.

Steve Stein aka “Steinski”Hiphop Producer


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