Digital billboards are going interactive

Check out these interactive digital billboards compiled by NPR’s Robert Krulwich. Read the full article here. This is a British Airways display ad in London’s Piccadilly Circus, and it’s using custom-built surveillance technology to identify actual planes in the actual sky. There’s another stunning example at Euston Station (also in London) that shows a man… Read more »

Google apps for iPhone give gains to both Google and Apple

While Google and iPhone have become top competitors in the mobile market, Google has found its way into the iPhone platform, making their apps ever more popular and providing better services to their biggest opposition. IPhone users can fill their phone with Google apps that now replace some of the core functions of the iPhone,… Read more »

Where did voters see video ads in the run up to the 2012 election?

comScore has released data from the October 2012 U.S. Online Video Rankings showing that 183 million people, or 86 percent of the U.S. internet audience, watched more than 37 billion online content videos in October, while video ad views reached nearly 11 billion. Google and Yahoo! continue to hold the top two spots. Google, driven… Read more »

Portlanders vote to restore the arts in public schools

  This November, Portlanders voted to restore arts and music programs to public schools in the city, and to make the arts available to the entire Portland community. The arts measure passed with over 62% of the vote, and Winning Mark is proud to have worked on print and online media for the campaign. Congratulations… Read more »

Mitt vs. The Truth

Update: 87,000 views in the first 3 days! Mitt Romney’s flip-flops and outright lies have been a hallmark of his campaign as well as of his career to date. Winning Mark recently collaborated with hip hop legend Steinski to produce a mash up of Romney’s worst prevarications. Check out the video below as well as… Read more »

A better Oregon? There’s an App for that

Winning Mark is helping a coalition of Oregon’s leading progressive organizations lead the way on voter engagement. We recently built the Our Oregon Mobile Voter Guide for Our Oregon. Previously available for iOS only, the app is now available for Android devices as well. The app uses advanced geo-location technology to deliver election information based… Read more »

Voter targeted ads: key components in political online ad campaigns

Online advertising has evolved quite a bit since its inception in the mid-nineties, and its newest iteration, voter targeted ads, marks a watershed moment in political advertising online. Other methods of online advertising, such as directly purchasing ad space on websites and the display network online advertising model are not obsolete. Both have real benefits,… Read more »

How to get 100,000 views for your political television ad online

As online video has become an integral part of web and social media strategy, campaigns are increasingly utilizing new formats of online video advertising, in combination with television, to amplify messaging. For a while online versions of political television spots were mainly used for providing engaging content for fundraising emails, generating earned media on news… Read more »

Rep. Earl Blumenauer: 40 years of public service

Tonight there will be a big event and concert featuring Pink Martini to commemorate Earl Blumenauer’s 40 years of public service as a community activist, State Representative, County and City Commissioner and U.S. Congressman. Over that time, Earl’s ideas and leadership have helped transform the way we live. Winning Mark is proud to have worked… Read more »