Ads prompt Obama to reject Sudan election

Sudan is in the midst of an historic election. Omar al-Bashir, the incumbent president widely regarded as a dictator, is expected to win. The Associated Press is reporting that early election results show al-Bashir ahead. Hundreds of international monitors are in the country for the election and many are concerned about the legitimacy of an… Read more »

Darfur, larger than life

The September G20 summit was a high-profile opportunity to get a message out to dignitaries attending the global economic conference from around the world. The Save Darfur Coalition was able to do just that with media designed and produced by Winning Mark. The graphic design seen on billboards, posters and flyers made a striking visual… Read more »

Million Voices for Darfur

We are very fortunate to only work for clients and causes in which we believe; some projects, however, are particularly close to our hearts. In early 2006, the Save Darfur Coalition was looking for a way to raise the profile of the Darfur genocide in the White House and on Capitol Hill. Their imagination was… Read more »