Campaigns can take different forms. Winning Mark has deep experience in all of them.


We have helped candidates win at every level: federal, state and local. We have helped in every context: working directly for the candidate, working through legislative caucuses and conducting Independent Expenditure campaigns for environmental organizations, labor, human rights advocates and many others.

Ballot Measures

Winning Mark is based in Oregon, the home of the initiative and referendum system, and nobody has had greater success passing and defeating ballot measures. We have won national recognition for our ballot measure work – in fact, adulation would not be too strong a term.

Funding for Public Services

OK, we admit it. We are really good at getting people to raise their own taxes. We are proud of it too: we have raised over a billion dollars for schools, libraries parks, open spaces, zoos and public safety.

Issue Advocacy

Sometimes Election Day is the beginning of a campaign, not the end. We work with national and local organizations to press the agenda and hold elected officials accountable.