Direct Mail

Ink on paper, sent to people in the mail: It sounds so 19th Century. But in the 21st Century, it
may be the most powerful communications tool we have.

Someone is counting on you to not miss Election Day

In a communications environment that has shattered into a thousand shiny pieces, direct mail stands as perhaps the most powerful and effective tool to deliver a political message.

With the game-changing advances in modeling, experiment informed targeting and message testing, no medium can be more effectively targeted than direct mail. And nobody does it better than Winning Mark: we use ground-breaking techniques and technologies to reach exactly the voters you need. And independent research has shown that our mail does an extraordinary job of moving voters where you need them to go.

What others say:

Over the past three election cycles Winning Mark has helped the Humane Society Legislative Fund have an impact in 30 candidate and ballot measure campaigns in 18 states. They get it all right: creativity, strategy and complex logistics, and always with extraordinary service.

Michael Markarian

President, Humane Society Legislative Fund

In terms of the total statewide vote margin, the estimated effects are remarkable.

The Analyst Institute

from their study of Winning Mark's Voter Guide Project, 2009