What does Winning Mark do? Whatever it takes to help our clients achieve their goals.


From a campaign perspective, Winning Mark has developed a reputation for winning difficult races. We have developed a particular specialty of integrating multi-platform voter contact strategies. While many firms can claim their strategic planning, targeting, message development and quality of product are the reasons they help win campaigns, Winning Mark can prove it, with several independent studies showing our programs to be among the most effective ever tested. Learn more about strategy.

Direct Mail

Few media can be more targeted than direct mail and nobody does it better than Winning Mark: we use ground-breaking techniques and technologies to reach exactly the voters you need. And independent research has shown that our mail does an extraordinary job of moving voters where you need them to go. Learn more about direct mail.

Online Advertising

In just the last two years, the world of online campaigning has changed dramatically. What was once an option or a marginal addition to more traditional advertising and outreach is now a necessity. The people you need to reach are online and we have the tools for you to reach them. Learn more about online advertising.


We’ve been making great TV ads for 20 years. Why do they work? Because while we are proud of our creativity, production value and often have a bit of fun with them, we never let gimmicks get in the way of delivering the winning message. Learn more about television.

Web Video

Video is no longer just something you put on broadcast or cable TV: It is a way to deliver messaging, exhort your base and win new supporters across multiple media and web platforms. Learn more about web video.