With the game-changing advances in modeling, experiment informed targeting and message testing, no medium can be more effectively targeted than direct mail.


Faces of the Employee Free Choice Act

We helped American Rights at Work create this powerful campaign, showing faces of workers’ rights.

We were proud to create an ad campaign that made a big splash in Washington D.C. and across the country. The grassroots “Faces of the Employee Free Choice Act” campaign included massive building wraps in hard-to-miss locations like the AFL-CIO building near the White House.

Banners and ads feature the faces of real workers who support the Employee Free Choice Act. Some of the workers have lost their jobs because they tried to unionize. The proposed legislation makes it easier for workers to organize by allowing them to unionize with a simple majority vote.

The workers made a visit to Capitol Hill with “The West Wing” actors Richard Schiff, Martin Sheen and Bradley Whitford to promote the legislation.

I wanted my coworkers to be treated fairly so we could be better advocates for our students.

ROBERTA AYALATeacher’s Assistant in Denver, Face of the Employee Free Choice Act.

Ballot Measure Voter Guides

The use of voter guides is not new when dealing with crowded ballots, but we take the art and science of this approach to a whole new level.

It’s critical to give voters a central “place” to view recommendations that adhere to a particular world view. The problem, of course, is that there are numerous “world views” out there, especially when it comes to undecided or lower-information voters.

The key is modeling, which yields a wealth of information about your target voters, including scores on individual ballot measures, voter propensity, progressiveness and many other attributes.

Winning Mark utilizes these scores to construct a program of variable Voter Guides, each targeted to a different voter model: for instance truly undecided voters, progressive voters, more tax-sensitive and conservative voters, voters particularly concerned with education and younger GOTV targets.

Defend Oregon’s ballot guides improved the vote margin in statistically and substantively significant ways . . . In terms of the total vote margin, the estimated effects are remarkable.


Oregon United for Marriage

For over 20 years, Mark Wiener has worked to secure basic rights for LGBTQ Oregonians.

From the days of fighting brutal anti-gay ballot initiatives to turning the corner to secure the freedom to marry for same-sex couples, this has been one of Winning Mark’s longest and most deeply felt causes.

Along the way we have been proud to have developed, tested, and deployed messaging that broke new ground across the nation. We helped win the freedom to marry in Oregon in 2014 made some shirts to celebrate when Love Wins.

The Winning Mark team helps us work smarter and reach more people while making feel we are always their top priority.

JEANA FRAZZINIExecutive Director, Basic Rights Oregon & Basic Rights Education Fund

The Humane Society of the United States

Having rarely used direct mail as a tool in the past, HSUS came to us to help with member turnout.

We designed a program that blended traditional GOTV with a “Vote By Mail” push in six states. Some of these pieces also referenced a particular measure, including a piece created for Arizona, which effectively combined a Vote By Mail application and persuasion/education on Prop 204, a measure that required humane treatment for farm animals. Followup by HSUS indicated that this piece, which also won a 2007 “Gold” Pollie, was quite successful. Based on the success of 2006, we created a membership direct mail program for the 2007 Prop. 2 campaign in California, which is the most significant animal protection victory in American history. In conjunction with the “My Prop. 2” web tool, the mail was used to enlist HSUS members as a statewide persuasion army on behalf of the measure.

Winning Mark has helped the Humane Society Legislative Fund have an impact in more than 30 candidate and ballot measure campaigns in 18 states. They get it all right: creativity, strategy and complex logistics, and always with extraordinary service.

MICHAEL MARKARIANPresident, Humane Society
Legislative Fund

Save Darfur Coalition

The Save Darfur Coalition was looking for a way to raise the profile of the Darfur genocide in the White House and on Capitol Hill.

They came up with a plan that many at the time said was preposterous: Deliver one million postcards to the White House asking President Bush to strengthen American engagement and to demand a multi-national force to help protect the people of Darfur. Winning Mark produced more than one million pieces, in over 24 different versions, for the Save Darfur Coalition’s “Million Voices for Darfur” campaign. These pieces included over 600,000 folding mail pieces with a detachable remit card in separate versions branded by a dozen different faith-based organizations, as well as stand-alone postcards, one-page flyers, posters and print advertising.

The team and the systems at Winning Mark made it possible for us to create and distribute the materials for a complex, nationwide campaign that generated hundreds of thousands of postcards sent to President Obama. This campaign was highly effective and Winning Mark was a big part of that success.

Martha BixbyDirector of Campaigns & Outreach,
Save Darfur


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