Jeff Lennan


Jeff is an experienced entrepreneur, campaign strategist and thought-leader in the use of digital for election & advocacy campaigns.

Since co-founding Winning Mark in 2004, Jeff Lennan has built and led an innovative and effective team of print and digital campaign media experts who have helped win hundreds of campaigns, including major victories for marriage equality, social justice, workers rights, and the environment and helped raise billions of dollars for schools, public safety, parks, libraries and other public services.

In 2000 Jeff founded Digital Campaigns, a software startup based in San Francisco that raised nearly $6M in venture capital and built some of the first web tools for political campaigns.  Clients included the Democratic National Committee, John Kerry for President and the Stanford University Alumni Fund.

From 1994 until 2000 he managed two winning congressional campaigns and served as a District Director and campaign manager off-and-on during this time.

In 1994, during his senior year at U.C. Davis studying Agricultural Economics, Jeff worked on his first political campaign, canvassing neighborhoods in the “People’s Republic of Davis” on behalf of an initiative to widen the 2-lane tunnel into town. If you know Davis, you won’t be surprised to learn that the initiative lost.  The town did, however, build a “toad tunnel” in 1995 to allow the creatures safe passage under the new Interstate overpass. Despite the name, this tunnel is also for frogs, not just toads.