Mark Wiener


Jeff Lennan


John Coghlan

Aisling Coghlan

Jill Stear

Kasra Shokat

Madeline Roth

Lauren Rejvani

Rebecca Isbell

Hall of Fame

Many talented souls have called Winning Mark home over the years. We are proud of our team - what they accomplished here and where they are now.

Simone Parker

Dylan De La Housaye

Digital UX analyst at Tektronix

Slater Smith

Artist in Residence at Oregon State Parks

Joe Karp-Sawey

Student at University of Leeds

Landru Parker

Digital Director for Our Oregon

Joseph Rosales

Student at Columbia University

Alex Arpaia

Research Assistant II at Guttmacher Institute

Melanni Rosales

Digital Strategist & Planner at Pyramid Communications

Hilary Sager

Production Coordinator at Ace Hotel / Atelier Ace

Alejandra Melgarejo-Diaz

Bilingual Social Studies Co-Teacher at Hiawatha Academies

Samantha Clemans Hoback

Digital & Social Media Specialist at Portland General Electric

Kelsey Friedman

Senior Project Manager at Squishymedia

Jeremy Sher

Software Developer at IEQ Technology

Jonas Palmero

Senior Software Engineer at Kaufman Hall

Hannah Kirchner

Senior Market Development & Product Research at Perka

Leslie Vanden Bos

Pilates Instructor & Freelance Editor

Myles Bugbee

Associate at Joe Trippi & Associates

Nicole Staudinger

Director of Marketing at Social Starts

Aly Sneider

Grants Manager at Pathfinders of Oregon

Arielle Kane

Senior Business Project Specialist at The Deloitte Center for Health Solutions