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Jeff waits with the crowd at the Obama/Kitzhaber rally

Jeff Lennan waits with the crowd at the Obama/Kitzhaber rally.

When it comes time to show support for our leaders, the Winning Mark staff jumps at the opportunity. In October, just weeks before the general election that would decide the new governor of Oregon, President Barack Obama visited the city of Portland to show his support for the democratic candidate John Kitzhaber and encourage Oregonians to vote and volunteer during the last few weeks of the campaign.

Winning Mark staff joined the 10,000 people who waited outside in the sun and then inside the Oregon Convention Center for hours to hear speeches from the President, the Gubernatorial candidate and other democratic leaders from across Oregon.

For me, being at the rally with the rest of our team was a very memorable event. As a team, we all committed a great deal of time, effort and heart into helping elect both Obama and Kitzhaber, and experiencing this extra-high energy event that really symbolized the reasons we all fight together was special.
– Jeff Lennan, Winning Mark

It was an exciting day for all of us, getting the chance to see the President speak in support of the candidate we worked so hard to elect. Yes, this rally was part of our work as an integral part of Team Kitzhaber, but the Obama rally kicked things up to a new level for us. In the hours before and during the event, we lined up a webcast, took videos and photos, passed out Kitzhaber buttons, worked on social marketing and Mark Wiener even stood backstage as the Voice of God announcer for the event. This was a perfect example of a moment where our professional lives and our personal commitment to making a difference came together in a really exciting way for all of us.

Using the Twitter hashtag #kitzrally that Winning Mark created, our team communicated their excitement throughout the day with friends and other supporters at the rally:

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