Millennials Increasingly Supportive of Unions

New research by the Pew Research Center shows that millennials are increasingly viewing unions favorably. “The strongest supporters for unions are people under 30 years of age, people who make less than $30k a year, and African-Americans rather than whites or Hispanics,” writes Michael Byrne of the AFSCME Blog. “A challenge for unions will be mobilizing these groups politically.”

However, unions need only look to their young supporters’ social habits for the political advantage. Millennials are the most fluent and proficient users of social media in our society. With new analytics tools available to Facebook and Twitter platforms, such as the one shown below, effectively mobilizing these groups online and getting out the vote might be easier and more likely than some folks think.

In fact, the above tweet was among our most viral, and certainly one of the most quickly retweeted posts we have ever made. We feel that this is proof of the assertion made by the Pew Center research, and representative of the swift effectiveness inherent in social media outreach.

Tweet analytics show useful categories (such as impressions and retweets) and how effective the tweet has been over time.

Tweet analytics produce data that can help to increase a message’s potency and reach. This information can provide direct and immediate feedback on the effectiveness of a campaign’s outreach, a crucial advantage in any race.