Digital has changed the landscape of political campaigns forever, becoming the pivotal platform for every aspect of communication, organizing, and engagement. Winning Mark has been at the forefront of digital strategy and tools from the very beginning and continues to lead the way.


Campaign for the Owyhee Canyonlands

Carved by desert rivers winding toward the Pacific, the Owyhee Canyonlands are the largest undeveloped natural area left unprotected in the Lower 48.

Just a handful of paved roads cross these 5 million acres of craggy, red-rock canyons, blue-ribbon trout streams and vast rolling hills that serve as prime habitat for golden eagles, bighorn sheep and the sage-grouse, which is threatened with extinction. The problem with generating support for the protection of the Owyhee Canyonlands was that few people knew about it.

Winning Mark created a branding and public awareness campaign which integrated a website, social media, paid promotion, and capacity-building which has put this special place on the map in a whole new way.

Winning Mark helped us deploy an ambitious digital strategy adeptly and swiftly with plenty of savvy and energy.

HEIDI HAGEMEIERThe Campaign for the Owyhee Canyonlands

Did They Vote? GOTV App

For the 2014 General Election, we helped create “Did They Vote”, an app that capitalized on social pressure and social media to Get Out the Vote

Users checked whether their Facebook friends had sent in their ballots or not, and sent Facebook messages to those who had not yet voted, urging them to get their ballots in on time. With a high-profile ad campaign, including pre-roll video and heavy promotion on both Facebook and Twitter, more than 7,000 people used the app in just 9 days, sending nearly 10,000 messages to their friends on Facebook.

Passing our measure in an off-year election absolutely required us actively turning out younger progressive voters. Winning Mark’s ground-breaking “Did They Vote” digital campaign and app was one of the best investments we made.

LIZ KAUFMANCampaign Manager, Yes On 91

Legalizing Marijuana in Oregon

Yes on 91 was the successful campaign to legalize, regulate, and tax recreational marijuana use in Oregon.

Measure 91 offered an alternative to the state’s failed approach of treating marijuana use as a crime, offering instead a strict system of legal regulation and taxation for adults 21 and over. Winning Mark created a direct mail and digital program using advanced experimentation and modeling to convert voters that a traditional campaign would never have even talked to. The measure passed in November 2014, with 55.6% of the vote.

Winning Mark’s integration of direct mail and the most cutting edge targeting experiments definitely delivered votes that we would have otherwise never have won.

JILL HARRISDrug Policy Alliance


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