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The definition of a viewable impression by the  Media Ratings Council is that a minimum of 50% of the ad must be in view for at least one second. Initial research indicates that viewability rates are low, with anywhere from 30-50% of display ads not being in view.

There are a number of reasons why an impression might never be viewed.

  1. The viewer clicks to another web page before the ad loads and renders.
  2. The ad loads, but in an area of the page that is not within the viewer’s browser window
  3. dimensions and/or scrolling position.
  4. The viewer opens a page in a mobile device that is not configured to show the ad content.
  5. The viewer minimizes the browser.
  6. The viewer opens another browser window or another application.

The historically low viewability rates are one of the most important reasons that the industry has been working diligently to establish a standard viewable impression metric.

IAS Viewability via Integralads IAS Viewability via Integralads

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Digital Dollars 2014

After less than a decade of existence, smartphones and tablets this year will draw more money from advertisers than the centuries-old newspaper industry or the nearly century-old radio sector, a sign of just how rapidly technology is transforming media habits.

But given how much time Americans spend on their devices, mobile-ad spending could be much higher, an indication that marketers remain uncertain about the medium’s effectiveness. Research firm eMarketer estimates that spending on mobile advertising, which includes both smartphones and tablets, will soar 83% to nearly $18 billion in 2014.  Read the Full Story on The Wall Street Journal

Christian, Cameron and the Freedom to Marry team are masters of earned/viral social media. As the debate rages over organic reach and images vs post shares, etc for campaign’s Facebook Pages – they continue to deliver high-impact visuals that drive engagement and help win historic campaigns.

We are lucky to work with (and win with) them on marriage and discrimination here in Oregon.




One of the biggest topics in the Facebook marketing world right now is the decline of organic reach and the rise of Facebook advertising. Facebook page admins built their fanbases, sometimes through page like ads, and now they feel like they’re being bait-and-switched by being asked to advertise again to reach those same fans.

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