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Ah Banksy

by Winning Mark on September 9, 2014

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Even if you “don’t watch TV,” chances are you’ve come across the type of ad that seems to be everywhere these days: a beautifully shot montage of ostensibly unrelated scenes, tranquil music that intensifies as the ad progresses, and a soothing voiceover tying it all together.  If this sounds familiar, you’re probably also no stranger to the lab coats = technology or timelapse cityscape = efficiency formulas. (And there are many more!) This video unabashedly — and perfectly — pokes fun at those ads:

Stock footage company Dissolve made the video based on Kendra Eash’s satirical poem. Great job, Dissolve. We may have to use some of your stock in the future.

NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images -  Barack Obama is shown on TV during his 2008 campaign for president, but watching live TV is no longer as common as it was then, and campaign strategists are having to adjust.

For half a century, television ads have been the staple of political campaigns, the preferred, if costly, vehicle for communicating a candidate’s message to the voters. What happens when people stop watching live television?

Commercial firms have been quicker to adapt than campaigns, according to experts. Many commercial firms now spend 20 to 30 percent of their ad dollars on digital. Most political campaigns spend around 5 percent. This will soon change.

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“Every guy listens to music to pump themselves up and make them train harder and better. That’s where the idea was born,” said BBDO creative director Brian Wiesenthal.

From there, it was mostly a matter of infinitely challenging sound design—a task made easier in the end by the inspiring setting, which held the echoes of countless legendary recordings.

How Michel Gondry and BBDO Made Muscle Music for Gillette By Tim Nudd


Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have all recently released the ability to embed posts from their platforms onto other web pages. While working on a project this week that embedded posts from each of these three networks on one landing page, we discovered that while Facebook and Twitter provide embed code that is responsive, the iframe that Instagram provides is not responsive.

Responsive Instagram Embed [click to continue…]

Oooh, Munster, you’re so wild. We just want to lace you up and wear you out. #nextstartsnow by @puma