Twitter’s Current Struggles and Potential Solutions

Twitter has proved itself as a powerful tool in political online organizing – from helping Arab Spring protesters share information and draw international attention to GOTV pushes in the United States. But as yet another CEO steps down, it has become clear that there needs to be a discussion of what Twitter currently is compared to what Twitter… Read more »

BrightRoll Survey Reveals Shifting Values for Online Video

BrightRoll has just released its 2015 Agency Survey which shows some valuable insights into how agencies are pitching online video in their RFP’s and where prospective clients are seeing the most value. Here’s one of the more interesting takeaways: 72% of the survey respondents valued online video as effective or more effective than TV. On top of… Read more »

Millennials Spend More Time WIth Mobile, Impacts TV Time

That millennials are mobile crazy has been well established. How this obsessive behavior is affecting their broader media habits is less understood. New research now suggests that the mobile myopia of 18- to-34-year-olds is clearly cutting into their time with other media channels. Today, 77% of this closely watched generation use a smartphone daily, according… Read more »

How to Turn Voter ID Laws on Their Heads (And Increase Voter Turnout)

It’s been discussed repeatedly that states with voter identification laws — that is, states requiring potential voters to provide specific forms of ID, such as a driver license, at the poll — have decreased voter turnouts. Or specifically, reduced turnouts for those who are more likely to lack those forms of ID: low-income, disabled, minority, elderly, young,… Read more »

This is a blog post about a generic brand video

Even if you “don’t watch TV,” chances are you’ve come across the type of ad that seems to be everywhere these days: a beautifully shot montage of ostensibly unrelated scenes, tranquil music that intensifies as the ad progresses, and a soothing voiceover tying it all together.  If this sounds familiar, you’re probably also no stranger… Read more »

Non-political advertisers spending 500% more on digital

For half a century, television ads have been the staple of political campaigns, the preferred, if costly, vehicle for communicating a candidate’s message to the voters. What happens when people stop watching live television? Commercial firms have been quicker to adapt than campaigns, according to experts. Many commercial firms now spend 20 to 30 percent… Read more »

More Evidence TV is Dying

Business Insider published this fascinating look back at 2013; the “worst year ever” for TV. Charting the decline in the predominance of TV and broadband, it compiles recent data that describes the continued explosion of video on mobile devices and free wifi. Read the full article here. “We’re at the beginning of a major historical… Read more »

Peer to Peer Fundraising for Oregon United for Marriage

Winning the freedom to marry in Oregon is all about the stories. The stories of love and commitment that make the freedom to marry so important for not only Oregonians, but for the entire nation. And there is nothing more impactful than sharing these stories with family and friends as a way to build support for… Read more »

Trick or Treat: Make sure you have union-made candy to eat…

Remember, when support companies with union workers, you aren’t just buying quality products – you’re supporting the rights of workers to have fair wages and benefits. And that’s a treat we can all enjoy. – via American Rights at Work Trick or treat: give us union-made candy to eat! #p2 #union #solidarity —… Read more »