Mind your mailer: Letter vs Flat Postage Rates in Direct Mail

Here’s a handy guide to USPS’s requirements for ‘letters’ and ‘flats’ for your campaign mailers. Letter Rate Direct Mail Postage For a direct mail piece to qualify for letter rate postage, the height of the piece must be between 3 ½ and 6 ⅛ inches, and the length must be between 5 and 11 ½ inches…. Read more »

Research Shows How Direct Mail Voter Guides Change Outcomes

Joel Middleton, of UC Berkeley, and Todd Rogers, at the Harvard Kennedy School, evaluated the effectiveness of the nonprofit “Our Oregon” and our groundbreaking work on voter guides to sway voters on 10 ballot initiatives in the 2008 election in Oregon. This study shows that not only can ballot-initiative campaigns influence an individual citizen’s vote on a… Read more »

Trust for Public Land works to protect open spaces, natural areas and the environment in communities.

Passing Measure 26-118 was necessary to secure funding so that Oregon’s history could continue to be preserved and shared with the Oregon public. “This is do Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. In eros ipsum, iaculis ac turpis at, suscipit volutpat nisl. Suspendisse pretium justo est. Nunc commodo pretium dolor, cursus sodales erat… Read more »

Portlanders vote to restore the arts in public schools

  This November, Portlanders voted to restore arts and music programs to public schools in the city, and to make the arts available to the entire Portland community. The arts measure passed with over 62% of the vote, and Winning Mark is proud to have worked on print and online media for the campaign. Congratulations… Read more »

Previewing forms with jQuery

Sometimes, HTML forms can be meaningless and not convey a clear story. Imagine a business card-printing website that lets you write some text but doesn’t give you the option to preview what your card woud look like. In terms of interactivity, this would certainly confuse the end-user. Thankfully, with JavaScript and jQuery, better user interfaces… Read more »

DC Vote uses Winning Mark outdoor advertising for public awareness campaign

In 2006, Winning Mark produced two outdoor display ads for DC Vote’s District Voting Rights Education Campaign, aimed at raising public awareness about the District of Columbia’s lack of voting representation in Congress. The print ads were placed at Metro stops and bus shelters throughout DC, where as many as 150,000 people could see them each… Read more »

Maps shed new light on crime data

Here is an interesting use of mapping with a data set. In San Francisco, Data Visualization Engineer Doug McCune took the city’s 2009 crime statistics and mapped the crimes as if they were elevation. The more crime in an area, the higher the peak. McCune took the exercise a step further by breaking out crime-specific… Read more »