Airbnb Fail: Tone Deaf Election Ads Backfire in San Francisco

San Francisco voters decide today on a number of propositions that will address the ripple effects caused by the city’s rapidly growing technology industry.

Instead of appealing to customers (and voters) in San Francisco, Airbnb’s recent campaign opposing Proposition F (a measure aimed at reducing the supply of short term home rentals) incited social media backlash.

Nordstrom on their amazing #Nsale Instagram campaign

WHO made this amazing GIANT clothes hanger for @Nordstrom‘s recent ad campaign with @instagram? #adtech #NSale — Winning Mark (@winning_mark) August 22, 2015

Digital billboards are going interactive

Check out these interactive digital billboards compiled by NPR’s Robert Krulwich. Read the full article here. This is a British Airways display ad in London’s Piccadilly Circus, and it’s using custom-built surveillance technology to identify actual planes in the actual sky. There’s another stunning example at Euston Station (also in London) that shows a man… Read more »

DC Vote uses Winning Mark outdoor advertising for public awareness campaign

In 2006, Winning Mark produced two outdoor display ads for DC Vote’s District Voting Rights Education Campaign, aimed at raising public awareness about the District of Columbia’s lack of voting representation in Congress. The print ads were placed at Metro stops and bus shelters throughout DC, where as many as 150,000 people could see them each… Read more »

Building wraps show faces of workers’ rights

Photos by Joceyln Augustino We were proud to create and produce an ad campaign that made a big splash in Washington D.C. and across the country. The grassroots “Faces of the Employee Free Choice Act” campaign included massive building wraps in hard-to-miss locations like the AFL-CIO building near the White House. The legislation would make… Read more »

Darfur, larger than life

The September G20 summit was a high-profile opportunity to get a message out to dignitaries attending the global economic conference from around the world. The Save Darfur Coalition was able to do just that with media designed and produced by Winning Mark. The graphic design seen on billboards, posters and flyers made a striking visual… Read more »