Amazing Progress for Marriage Equality

-+*We’ve come a long way in 28 years. A majority of states have legal same-sex marriages, and this month the Supreme Court may extend the right to marry to all couples. We’re happy to be fighting on the right side of history. Sign your name in support of marriage equality here.

Lutheran World Relief Promotes Fair Trade

-+*During the hustle and bustle of the 2014 election, we had the privilege of working on something a little less political with Lutheran World Relief. LWR provides outstanding relief services and programs all across the world. Just one of those programs is their “Ground Up” Coffee & Cocoa Initiative. LWR gave us the opportunity to… Read more »

Rep. Earl Blumenauer: 40 years of public service

-+*Tonight there will be a big event and concert featuring Pink Martini to commemorate Earl Blumenauer’s 40 years of public service as a community activist, State Representative, County and City Commissioner and U.S. Congressman. Over that time, Earl’s ideas and leadership have helped transform the way we live. Winning Mark is proud to have worked… Read more »

Earl Blumenauer’s Third of a Century

-+*In 2006 Winning Mark helped produce a longer form video for a dinner commemorating Congressman Earl Blumenauer’s 33 years of public service in Oregon. Earl started as one of Oregon’s youngest legislators, serving in county and city government before moving to the United States Congress in 1996. His has been an exceptional record of service, which… Read more »

Youth leadership non-profit launches with online video

-+*The Student Alliance Project in collaboration with Graham Street Productions chose Winning Mark to produce an online video to launch their website and social media presence. [nggallery id=1] The project which emerged from the “Papers” Youth Crew, students who helped produce and distribute the documentary film “Papers: Stories of Undocumented Youth”, is a youth-led collaboration… Read more »

Creating navigation for a map microsite

-+*In March 2011 Winning Mark worked with Our Oregon to produce a microsite showing the impact of the state budget on services across all 36 counties, using an interactive map for navigation.

We care about our leaders

-+*When it comes time to show support for our leaders, the Winning Mark staff jumps at the opportunity. In October, just weeks before the general election that would decide the new governor of Oregon, President Barack Obama visited the city of Portland to show his support for the democratic candidate John Kitzhaber and encourage Oregonians… Read more »

Winning Mark designs Web campaign for Worksafe

-+*The Worksafe online action center is the hub for recruiting visitors to the website to take action and support Worksafe’s cause. The action center has three quick links to help supporters call elected officials, asking them to co-sponsor the Protecting America’s Workers Act, donate to Worksafe and to volunteer with the organization. Worksafe also uses… Read more »

Video rallies support for Safe Chemicals Act

-+*Join Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families in the fight to protect families from toxic chemicals. The organization released a video today outlining why exposure to toxic chemicals is a real health threat and why we should support legislation regulating those chemicals. The Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families coalition is a longtime Winning Mark client and we are… Read more »