Mind your mailer: Letter vs Flat Postage Rates in Direct Mail

Here’s a handy guide to USPS’s requirements for ‘letters’ and ‘flats’ for your campaign mailers. Letter Rate Direct Mail Postage For a direct mail piece to qualify for letter rate postage, the height of the piece must be between 3 ½ and 6 ⅛ inches, and the length must be between 5 and 11 ½ inches…. Read more »

We’re Hiring a Digital Operations Specialist

Job: Digital Operations Specialist Description: We are seeking a dynamic, intelligent, and fun new member to join our team at Winning Mark, a digital media agency. We work with a variety of clients, typically including those involved with advocacy, elections, public relations, and marketing. A partial list of our clients is available on our website…. Read more »

Election 2014 Playlist

A collaboration between (most) everyone on the Winning Mark team of what’s coming through the speakers while we help win campaigns.

We score a trophy head

We’ve created some art to brighten up our office. We found this cool DIY elephant head named Eyan at Cardboard Safari and thought it needed a little color. We chose the colors of the rainbow because diversity and equality are issues we are all passionate about and this serves as a reminder of why we… Read more »