9 Things This Teenager Taught Us About Phones

16-year-old Grace was kind enough to keep an audio diary of everything she does on her phone. Listen to her navigate through endless app alerts, group messaging drama, clueless grown-ups, that bizarre old technology of email and even how she handles a sext request. Grace has some pretty good advice all around, even if you don’t know any teens.

Twitter’s Current Struggles and Potential Solutions

Twitter has proved itself as a powerful tool in political online organizing – from helping Arab Spring protesters share information and draw international attention to GOTV pushes in the United States. But as yet another CEO steps down, it has become clear that there needs to be a discussion of what Twitter currently is compared to what Twitter… Read more »

Hard to Give: Friction in Online Donations

Friction in online donations has always been a huge issue for campaigns and a dilemma for our team at Winning Mark. When it is time consuming or difficult for supporters to donate, campaigns lose supporters and dollars. Account-based (“one-click”) donation applications like Blue State Digital, NationBuilder and the VAN provide technology that is a step in the right direction, but… Read more »

Tools We Love: Adobe Kuler is Now Adobe Color CC

Generate color themes wherever inspiration strikes with Adobe Color CC. Capture color combinations with your iPhone or iPad, or use any existing image, then go bonkers with them on the web app. Use them in your projects immediately by saving to Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries or syncing with the Adobe Color service. Check the Video  

Millennials Spend More Time WIth Mobile, Impacts TV Time

That millennials are mobile crazy has been well established. How this obsessive behavior is affecting their broader media habits is less understood. New research now suggests that the mobile myopia of 18- to-34-year-olds is clearly cutting into their time with other media channels. Today, 77% of this closely watched generation use a smartphone daily, according… Read more »

AdTech: What is Viewability and Why Does it Matter?

  The definition of a viewable impression by the  Media Ratings Council is that a minimum of 50% of the ad must be in view for at least one second. Initial research indicates that viewability rates are low, with anywhere from 30-50% of display ads not being in view. There are a number of reasons… Read more »

Google Drive Not Syncing – OSX – Blank Reconnect Window

Some things you don’t truly appreciate until they’re gone. That was the case for me this week when Google Drive stopped syncing on my laptop. If you haven’t made the jump yet, I can pretty much guarantee you that using the Google Drive app on your computers will be a move you will not regret…. Read more »

More Evidence TV is Dying

Business Insider published this fascinating look back at 2013; the “worst year ever” for TV. Charting the decline in the predominance of TV and broadband, it compiles recent data that describes the continued explosion of video on mobile devices and free wifi. Read the full article here. “We’re at the beginning of a major historical… Read more »