Google Drive Not Syncing – OSX – Blank Reconnect Window

Some things you don’t truly appreciate until they’re gone. That was the case for me this week when Google Drive stopped syncing on my laptop. If you haven’t made the jump yet, I can pretty much guarantee you that using the Google Drive app on your computers will be a move you will not regret…. Read more »

Google apps for iPhone give gains to both Google and Apple

While Google and iPhone have become top competitors in the mobile market, Google has found its way into the iPhone platform, making their apps ever more popular and providing better services to their biggest opposition. IPhone users can fill their phone with Google apps that now replace some of the core functions of the iPhone,… Read more »

Using Google Spreadsheets to track projects with multiple deadlines

Even if your organization has systems in place for most areas of operation, we have found that every once in a while a Google Spreadsheet is the appropriate solution. In this document, we’ll show you how we made Google Spreadsheet work for us. The main reasons to use Google Spreadsheets were primarily: The application is… Read more »

Product development insights from the Google+ design team

Approaching 20 million users in its first month, Google+ is riding a wave of positive buzz that Google’s previous social networks never enjoyed. To build a social network that could compete with Facebook and Twitter, Google engineers set out to develop an accessible user interface, simple and secure privacy settings, and the space to express… Read more »