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While other guides might give you strategy and theory; we’ve gone into the nitty gritty details and tactics of how to implement a proper Facebook Page.

Some examples from the guide include:

  • You can change the page’s name as much as you’d like while the page has fewer than 200 likes. Once over 200 likes, you have to submit a request to change and you can only do so ONCE.
  • Create an unpublished test page and always test a share to see how it looks on the page’s timeline. As well, a test profile will let you see how the post looks on the news feed.
  • Lay down ground rules, like your proposed response, and give fair public warnings on repeat offenders before laying down the ban hammer.

timelineFacebook has been on a kick of revisions. The newest development on Facebook now is implementing the first sponsored video ads into the central newsfeed. According to TechnoBuffalo,

15-second commercials from a hand-picked group of advertisers will bombard your newsfeed, though no one’s forcing you to watch them. The new video ads will play automatically without sound, thanks to a recent update which did the same thing to your friend’s videos. If you’re not interested just scroll on by, or if you want you can turn on the volume. It’s up to you.

Facebook has refined its strategy so most of the changes go unnoticed; the addition of video ads will not make a difference to most Facebook users. The audio will remain silent until the video itself is tapped. Facebook’s strategy is to make watching videos in your feed easier, but likely this is a way to convince Facebook users to accept seeing advertisements.

For more information click here.

Get ready to start seeing some more changes on Facebook. Facebook is updating their Pages for desktops to make them more streamlined and easier to gain access to information. And the layout looks pretty familiar.

The announcement came just this morning, and there are some pretty big changes coming. The changes will roll out this week and will include a similar layout to your own timeline with all page posts on the right side and page information on the left-hand side.

New Facebook Page Layout

One of the biggest changes to come is the visibility of Facebook tabs, which currently are prominently featured under your cover image, and do not seem to be a part of the new layout. Does this mean Facebook tabs will no longer be a key feature for Pages? On our end, this might not be a change we can easily get accustomed to. Facebook tabs are a useful tool for campaigns and businesses alike. And if you peruse the comments on their announcement, the main question centers around Facebook tabs from many page owners.

As well, the new Facebook pages will include much easier access to Insights, Activities, and Ads Manager from the page interface, with a new navigation bar at the top. And a sidebar will include a quick synopsis of how many ads are running, current Page Likes, Post Reach, and Notifications.

Facebook Pages Admin Layout

Read more about the update here.


For the last couple of years, Facebook has started changing the News Feed, making it harder for business owners to reach their costumers for free. Last December, Facebook launched their latest new algorithm that would favor “high quality” stories over memes.

This change has had a negative impact on the people who have built businesses and careers on the attention from the Facebook News Feed. A small amount of these page owners’ “fans” see the posts and are the most engaged. The best examples of these businesses are online stores, both big and small, who update their “fans” about their new products, “Social Media Marketers,” who work with brands to develop “authentic” voices to reach Facebook users, and then there are individuals who promote their own work i.e. authors and musicians.

No matter what readers like or what writers post, very little is showing up on the News Feed from pages that readers follow.

According to the article on Business Insider,

[a] week or so after Facebook made its changes, one social media marketing agency, Ignite, analyzed 689 posts from 21 brand pages. Ignite found that in just one week, the number of people who saw posts from those brands declined by 44% on average, ‘with some pages seeing declines as high as 88%.’”

To read more about what Nicholas Carlson learned about Facebook’s News Feed, check out his article here.

According to Adweek’s infographic,

…young people are moving away from Facebook, they’re still using the social network in big numbers—fully 66 percent of people 14-34 say they’re frequent users. … Nevertheless, other platforms are challenging its dominance, chiefly YouTube, which is frequently used by 68 percent of those 14-34.

Check out their other inforgraphics here.

Facebook Trending Feature

Last Thursday, Facebook added the Trending feature to its users’ sidebars. Similar to Twitter’s Trend feature, Facebook will deliver users a personalized list of the day’s most active headlines and hashtags. Clicking through one of the topics will give you relevant posts from Pages, Celebrities, News Outlets, and Facebook users who have the “Follow” option enabled on their personal pages.

At this time Facebook hasn’t announced any plans to offer Promoted Trends like Twitter does, although we can assume that if the feature proves successful, Facebook will explore avenues to monetize it.

What could Trending mean for brands now, though? Like on Twitter, public pages may find it valuable to insert themselves into relevant trending discussions to gain additional reach. Also, as details of the algorithm behind the personalized trends start to surface, pages may be able to start tailoring their content to optimize visibility in trends their target audiences receive. Lastly, this may encourage more pages to adopt the use of hashtags as they become more valuable in creating trend-worthy content.

For a deeper analysis, you can find more here from TechCrunch.