Video advertising on Facebook could overtake YouTube

San Francisco-based Bloomberg News reporter Sarah Frier writes about the increase in video content on Facebook, and how Facebook is embracing the trend. Although Facebook launched video advertising only ten months ago, the amount of user and promotional video on Facebook’s newsfeed more than tripled this past year with more than half of U.S. Facebook… Read more »

Facebook Share Graphics from Freedom to Marry

Christian, Cameron and the Freedom to Marry team are masters of earned/viral social media. As the debate rages over organic reach and images vs post shares, etc for campaign’s Facebook Pages – they continue to deliver high-impact visuals that drive engagement and help win historic campaigns. We are lucky to work with (and win with) them… Read more »

The Organic Reach of Your Facebook Page Is Declining. Now what?

One of the biggest topics in the Facebook marketing world right now is the decline of organic reach and the rise of Facebook advertising. Facebook page admins built their fanbases, sometimes through page like ads, and now they feel like they’re being bait-and-switched by being asked to advertise again to reach those same fans. Read… Read more »

Video Ads Now on Facebook

Facebook has been on a kick of revisions. The newest development on Facebook now is implementing the first sponsored video ads into the central newsfeed. According to TechnoBuffalo, 15-second commercials from a hand-picked group of advertisers will bombard your newsfeed, though no one’s forcing you to watch them. The new video ads will play automatically… Read more »

Facebook Updates Pages

Get ready to start seeing some more changes on Facebook. Facebook is updating their Pages for desktops to make them more streamlined and easier to gain access to information. And the layout looks pretty familiar.

The announcement came just this morning, and there are some pretty big changes coming. The changes will roll out this week and will include a similar layout to your own timeline with all page posts on the right side and page information on the left-hand side.

New Facebook Page Layout

The Negative Impact of Changes to Facebook’s News Feed

For the last couple of years, Facebook has started changing the News Feed, making it harder for business owners to reach their costumers for free. Last December, Facebook launched their latest new algorithm that would favor “high quality” stories over memes. This change has had a negative impact on the people who have built businesses and… Read more »

Are Teens Still on Facebook?

According to Adweek’s infographic, …young people are moving away from Facebook, they’re still using the social network in big numbers—fully 66 percent of people 14-34 say they’re frequent users. … Nevertheless, other platforms are challenging its dominance, chiefly YouTube, which is frequently used by 68 percent of those 14-34. Check out their other inforgraphics here.

Facebook Unveils Trending Feature

Last Thursday, Facebook added the Trending feature to its users’ sidebars. Similar to Twitter’s Trend feature, Facebook will deliver users a personalized list of the day’s most active headlines and hashtags. Clicking through one of the topics will give you relevant posts from Pages, Celebrities, News Outlets, and Facebook users who have the “Follow” option… Read more »