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It’s been discussed repeatedly that states with voter identification laws — that is, states requiring potential voters to provide specific forms of ID, such as a driver license, at the poll — have decreased voter turnouts. Or specifically, reduced turnouts for those who are more likely to lack those forms of ID: low-income, disabled, minority, elderly, young, or female voters, arguably those who are disenfranchised by society the most. One possible solution to combat the voter ID hurdle has been found, however:

…a direct mail GOTV experiment, conducted during the run-up to the 2012 general election in counties … in heavily African American precincts…indicate that informing low-propensity voters of a new identification requirement raises turnout by approximately one percentage point.

The study also showed that messages providing details about ID requirements as well as those offering to help recipients obtain the correct forms of ID appear more effective than messages that only pointed out the requirement. Furthermore, the experiment also appeared to increase turnout among others in the recipients’ households.

This isn’t surprising – we can all agree, at least in theory, that a more informed public is more likely to participate in decision making. We can (and should) put that theory into action – inform the public of not only what’s likely to be on the ballot, but also the tools needed to make their voice heard.


This November, Portlanders voted to restore arts and music programs to public schools in the city, and to make the arts available to the entire Portland community. The arts measure passed with over 62% of the vote, and Winning Mark is proud to have worked on print and online media for the campaign.

Congratulations to Schools & Arts Together!


USPS preferred mail houses help political direct mail arrive on timeWe know that the direct mail we create for our clients works. A mail piece isn’t worth much, however, if it arrives after election day or at the wrong address. That’s why Winning Mark utilizes union mail houses that are designated by the USPS as preferred mail services providers. This USPS program offers a wide range of services, all of which help make sure that every piece we create is treated with the highest level of priority with the maximum cost savings.

Below are a few examples of the services we take advantage of:

One service this program offers is onsite plant load. This means that a postal clerk comes directly to the mail houses we utilize to weigh, verify, and clear mail for distribution—removing any worry about mail languishing in line at USPS shipping facilities or sitting on the docks.

This partnership also utilizes a web-based system called PostalOne, which streamlines and speeds up mailing by automating scheduling for drop shipments, simplifying mail acceptance, verification, and payment processes, reducing paperwork, improving job tracking, and more. All of these features help your mail move faster at lower costs.
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Red tag for political mailDuring election season, and especially during general election season, mail volume reaches a peak. To help ensure that all of this mail reaches its destination by election deadlines, the United States Post Office uses a bright red tag, known as Tag 57, to signify that the political mail in a given container needs to be expedited.

Recently, the only political mail that qualified for red-tagging was that sent directly by candidates, campaign committees, and party committees. However, on June 26th a major change came into effect: in addition to mail sent by candidates, campaign committees, and party committees, political mail sent by Political Action Committees, Super-PACs, and other organizations, including nonprofits, that engage in issue advocacy and voter mobilization can qualify again for a red tag.

This is big news — it means that many more campaigns involved in the campaign and direct mail processes can rest assured that their political mail will be expedited.

Winning Mark has extensive experience with direct mail. Check out our direct mail services page for more information.

In the face of damaging potential budget cuts, Boise voters approved a 5-year, $70 million Supplemental Levy for Boise Schools on Tuesday, March 13th. Winning Mark was happy to help provide advice and produce the campaign’s direct mail, but the real story is the incredible grassroots field effort the campaign delivered. In tough economic times and a place that is sensitive to taxes, the levy passed with 71.36% of the vote, showing that Boise is a place that cares about its schools.

Congratulations on the amazing grassroots effort and the big win!

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US Postal Service to Close Facilities and Cut 30,000 Jobs

From Oregon Public Broadcasting:

“(USPS) Spokesman Peter Hass says the Postal Service needs to cut costs. Even in its busiest time of the year — the holiday season — the USPS wrote down more than a $3 billion quarterly loss.

“Over the last 4 years or so, we’ve seen a 25 percent decline in mail volume. So, basically we have an overcapacity of facilities. We have too much capacity for the amount of mail that’s sent by the American public.”

Hass says due to an arrangement with Congress, no changes will occur until after May 15th.

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