How to Turn Voter ID Laws on Their Heads (And Increase Voter Turnout)

-+*It’s been discussed repeatedly that states with voter identification laws — that is, states requiring potential voters to provide specific forms of ID, such as a driver license, at the poll — have decreased voter turnouts. Or specifically, reduced turnouts for those who are more likely to lack those forms of ID: low-income, disabled, minority, elderly, young,… Read more »

Portlanders vote to restore the arts in public schools

-+*  This November, Portlanders voted to restore arts and music programs to public schools in the city, and to make the arts available to the entire Portland community. The arts measure passed with over 62% of the vote, and Winning Mark is proud to have worked on print and online media for the campaign. Congratulations… Read more »

Red tagging expands to encompass more mail for political campaigns

-+*During election season, and especially during general election season, mail volume reaches a peak. To help ensure that all of this mail reaches its destination by election deadlines, the United States Post Office uses a bright red tag, known as Tag 57, to signify that the political mail in a given container needs to be… Read more »

Boise Schools Levy passes in Ada County, Idaho

-+*In the face of damaging potential budget cuts, Boise voters approved a 5-year, $70 million Supplemental Levy for Boise Schools on Tuesday, March 13th. Winning Mark was happy to help provide advice and produce the campaign’s direct mail, but the real story is the incredible grassroots field effort the campaign delivered. In tough economic times and… Read more »

U.S. Postal Service Announces Enormous Cuts

-+*From Oregon Public Broadcasting: “(USPS) Spokesman Peter Hass says the Postal Service needs to cut costs. Even in its busiest time of the year — the holiday season — the USPS wrote down more than a $3 billion quarterly loss. “Over the last 4 years or so, we’ve seen a 25 percent decline in mail… Read more »

Householding data: Points to consider before sending mail to your voters

-+*One way that political campaigns can save money (and create less irritation for voters) is to household mail pieces. This means that instead of sending one mail piece to each voter in a household, you send a mail piece to the entire household, with the label “householded” or merged to reflect the voters. While it… Read more »

Defend Oregon’s oversized door hanger educates voters on issues

-+*As part of a Get-Out-the-Vote campaign, Defend Oregon provided Oregonians with three different Ballot Measure guides for the 2010 General Election. In addition to distributing a more traditional-sized door hanger (4×16 inches) and a mailed voter guide, Defend Oregon sent canvassers door-to-door with a door hanger that measured 5×25 inches. The oversized hanger received statewide… Read more »

Mendelson campaign uses mail to overcome confusion

-+*Phil Mendelson faced an interesting challenge during his 2010 race for reelection to the Washington D.C. City Council: his opponent, Michael D. Brown, was being confused by voters with the popular Independent Councilmember Michael A. Brown. It became increasingly important for Mendelson to make clear that after 12 years in the council, he stands for… Read more »