Emails sent with NationBuilder are more authentic(ated)

Google, Yahoo and other email providers have started blocking emails that aren’t authenticated. What does that mean for you? Well, depends. If you purely receive emails, this is a good thing as it will crack down on phishing and spam. But it will make running vital email programs for campaigns more difficult, because if it… Read more »

Email Automation in NationBuilder?

Connecting with members of your nation is one of NationBuilder’s most important tools, especially since keeping members engaged, donating, and active is the best way to build a campaign. Automatic email is an efficient method that can be used to reach out to members immediately and long term.     Emails can be automated in NationBuilder… Read more »

Ben & Jerry’s Team Up With Bernie 2016

Not often do you see emails from U.S. Presidential Campaigns that include anything more than an obscure/weird/dumb subject line and a plain text donation ask or a preview of their latest t-shirt (more on that later). In an email today to their supporters, the Bernie Sanders campaign brought in ice cream royalty Ben & Jerry to give a… Read more »