Targeting Influencers with Video Ads on LinkedIn

The Yes for PSU campaign was motivated by a need to increase funding to better support its students and solve some major problems at the university. For example, at PSU, one in three students drops out due to the cost of tuition, there are extremely high student to advisor ratios (547:1) and over the past… Read more »

Emails sent with NationBuilder are more authentic(ated)

Google, Yahoo and other email providers have started blocking emails that aren’t authenticated. What does that mean for you? Well, depends. If you purely receive emails, this is a good thing as it will crack down on phishing and spam. But it will make running vital email programs for campaigns more difficult, because if it… Read more »

Airbnb Fail: Tone Deaf Election Ads Backfire in San Francisco

San Francisco voters decide today on a number of propositions that will address the ripple effects caused by the city’s rapidly growing technology industry.

Instead of appealing to customers (and voters) in San Francisco, Airbnb’s recent campaign opposing Proposition F (a measure aimed at reducing the supply of short term home rentals) incited social media backlash.

Instagram Ads for All

For a while now, Instagram has been cautiously testing the advertising waters. With $200,000 minimum ad buys, individually negotiated orders, and direct creative approval, few business had the finances resources or time required to make Instagram part of their advertising strategy. But not anymore. Instagram is ready to do business with the rest of us…. Read more »

Nordstrom on their amazing #Nsale Instagram campaign

WHO made this amazing GIANT clothes hanger for @Nordstrom‘s recent ad campaign with @instagram? #adtech #NSale — Winning Mark (@winning_mark) August 22, 2015

BrightRoll Survey Reveals Shifting Values for Online Video

BrightRoll has just released its 2015 Agency Survey which shows some valuable insights into how agencies are pitching online video in their RFP’s and where prospective clients are seeing the most value. Here’s one of the more interesting takeaways: 72% of the survey respondents valued online video as effective or more effective than TV. On top of… Read more »

BandsInTown Releases Concert-Goer Data to Help Bands Plan Tours

Bandsintown Analytics Shows You Where Your Concert-Goers Are Today, touring artists are gaining a new tool for understanding concert-goer behaviors, and where those fans are located around the globe. Today Bandsintown introduces analytics to help artists with many critical decisions such as tour routing, ticket sales, audience targeting and more. By leveraging the behaviors of our… Read more »

Video advertising on Facebook could overtake YouTube

San Francisco-based Bloomberg News reporter Sarah Frier writes about the increase in video content on Facebook, and how Facebook is embracing the trend. Although Facebook launched video advertising only ten months ago, the amount of user and promotional video on Facebook’s newsfeed more than tripled this past year with more than half of U.S. Facebook… Read more »