Trick or Treat: Make sure you have union-made candy to eat…

-+*Remember, when support companies with union workers, you aren’t just buying quality products – you’re supporting the rights of workers to have fair wages and benefits. And that’s a treat we can all enjoy. – via American Rights at Work Trick or treat: give us union-made candy to eat! #p2 #union #solidarity —… Read more »

Human Rights Campaign’s red equal sign takes Facebook by storm

-+*The Human Rights Campaign’s iconic equal sign has gone viral. On the first day of oral arguments in marriage equality cases before the Supreme Court, hundreds of thousands of Facebook users have changed their profile pictures to the red equal sign as a show of support for marriage equality. Stay current on the Supreme Court… Read more »

Thank you Rep. Blumenauer for recognizing that animal fighting is not okay!

-+*We wanted to personally thank Representative Earl Blumenauer for his continued support for animal rights! He has added his name as co-sponsor of the Animal Fighting Spectator Prohibition Act (H.R. 366) that helps prohibit spectator support for animal fighting events. This bill helps close the loopholes that allow for such events to continue through knowing attendance and… Read more »

Getting more pro-choice people involved in politics

-+*What do I fight for? Simply put, I fight for equality. Even in the United States, there is an unprecedented amount of underrepresented communities fighting to have their voice heard. As cheesy as it might sound, I fight to try and make for a more just and fair system. This is why I’m so excited… Read more »

Get trained from Oregon’s finest at the Oregon Women’s Campaign School

-+*2012 is going to be an exciting year in the world of politics, both nationally and locally. The presidential election is right around the corner, as well as Portland’s mayoral race, Oregon’s 1st congressional election and a number of local city and state representative positions, just to name a few. Whether you are new to… Read more »

A look back at Summer Camp with the Student Alliance Project

-+*Winning Mark first got to meet the young people from the Student Alliance Project in Spring when we made their first fundraising video to launch their website. Jeremy Sher and I joined them on a retreat as they were getting to know each other and coming together to draft their mission statement.