Twitter rolls out “retweet with comment” feature

Twitter has officially rolled out its “retweet with comment” feature, allowing you to annotate the tweets of others. The new tool lets you embed the retweet in your own tweet, so you still get 140 characters to comment on a tweet.

Click retweet and you now get the opportunity to add 140 characters of your own comments

Click retweet and you now get the opportunity to add 140 characters of your own comments

Adding a few hashtags as comments for this retweet

Adding a few #marijuana #legalization hashtags as comments for this retweet

Study: Fundraising through online social networks: A field experiment on peer-to-peer solicitation

Abstract from the study by Marco Castillo and Ragan Petrie from the Interdisciplinary Center for Economic Science (ICES), Department of Economics, George Mason University, and Clarence Wardell from tinyGive, Inc. in Washington, DC:

Two main reasons why people donate to charity are that they have been asked and asked by someone they care about. One would therefore expect that charitable organizations could benefit from peer-to-peer fundraising if they were able to persuade donors to do so for them. However, little is known on the costs and benefits of asking donors to fundraise.

We investigate this by implementing a field experiment embedded in an online giving organization’s web page. In our experiment, donors who have completed an online transaction were randomly asked to share having donated by posting on their Facebook (FB) wall or by sending a private message to a friend on FB. To further explore the impact of incentives on the willingness to fundraise, donors were also assigned to one of three treatments in which the organization added either $0, $1 or $5 in the donor’s name in exchange for sharing the information. We have several findings:

  1. Donors respond to incentives: larger add-on donations increase the willingness to post having made a donation.
  2. Nuisance costs may be important: willingness to post is over two times higher among those already logged into FB.
  3. The type of ask matters: willingness to post via one’s wall or via a private message is different.
  4. There are benefits to incentivizing peer-to-peer fundraising in increased new donations.

Download the Full Paper (PDF)

Images on Twitter: Why do some attached images preview and others do not?

Recently, the social media management platform, Hootsuite, announced that it will be supporting for all Hootsuite Pro users. It appears that they will also be updating this support as the default setting for image sharing from any Pro-user dashboard.

This means that all pictures posted to Twitter via Hootsuite, providing the user pays the $9.99/month Pro-level rate or is at least a part of a Pro Organization, will finally be embedded in the Tweet stream as picture previews, à la natural Tweets, not merely as links.

While some may be breathing sighs of relief, others may not have known there was an issue in the first place. What is going on with our Twitter uploads, anyway?

Twitter employs the use of a simple HTML Meta tag coding system, called Twitter Cards, which allows a user to enliven their media experience by uploading summaries of linked articles, photos, and/or videos to each Tweet. When a user posts directly to Twitter, this coding system is already functioning in the basic engagement with the platform, and uploading images or videos directly to Twitter is a simple attach-and-share procedure. Problems might begin to arise, however, when a user attempts to upload media from a different social media platform, such as Facebook.instagram_comparison

Many Twitter users might notice that images shared from Instagram via Twitter appear merely as links to the photo on the Instagram website. The user is forced to click the link to see the photo, rather than observing the image preview available to direct posts in their Tweet stream. Back in 2012, Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, decided to disable photo integration with Twitter Cards. Instagram supposedly wanted to create more engagement with its web platform. Regardless of the motivation, this decision is the reason why user Instagram posts to Twitter appear as links, not as embedded images.

This not-so-subtle difference apparently has radical consequences. According to an article on, research by Twitter has shown that Tweets with enlivened media receive three-to-four times more engagement than Tweets without images or video. That increased engagement is incredibly significant to those who use social media professionally, and is probably a major reason why Hootsuite users demanded compatibility from their platform. Other social media outlets, such as WordPress, have plugins available that allow for Twitter Card functionality.

Users of these and many other social media platforms may still stream Tweets that are both stunning and informative. It is usually only a question of enabling compatibility, or a simple bit of coding.

After all, amongst all those voices, it pays to be loudest.

We’re hiring a Digital Analyst (Position Filled)

UPDATE: This position has been filled.  Please contact us if you would like to be considered for future opportunities.

Digital Analyst

We are seeking a dynamic, intelligent, and fun new member to join our team at Winning Mark, a digital media agency.  We work with a variety of clients, typically including those involved with advocacy, elections, public relations, and marketing.  A partial list of our clients is available on our website.

The Digital Analyst reports to the Account Manager and provides support to staff.  You will work on projects doing research, locating and compiling social media data, identifying key campaign targets, and writing reports.  An ideal candidate will have a strong background in research and social media, with a willingness to learn new platforms and technologies.  Familiarity with basic web tools including Google Apps is a must.  We are a close-knit team that works hard but has fun.  If this sounds like you, drop us a line!

Minimum Requirements:

  • Previous research experience
  • Working proficiency in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin etc.
  • Familiarity with Google Apps and Basecamp
  • Interest in social media research and political issues
  • Ability to stay organized while dealing with many assignments
  • Readiness to learn new softwares/technologies


  • Open Immediately
  • 20 hours/week to start with full time opportunity
  • Salary commensurate with experience and fit
  • If full time, then full benefits (Health Insurance, 401k, Gym, Transit)
  • Portland, Oregon

Contact Us About this Gig:


We’re Hiring a Digital Operations Specialist

Digital Operations Specialist

We are seeking a dynamic, intelligent, and fun new member to join our team at Winning Mark, a digital media agency. We work with a variety of clients, typically including those involved with advocacy, elections, public relations, and marketing. A partial list of our clients is available on our website.

The Digital Operations Specialist reports to the Digital Director and provides support to campaign managers. You will help manage our online advertising campaigns from beginning-to-end including: implementation, trafficking, deployment and delivery, testing, optimization, and reporting. We are a close-knit team that works hard but has fun. If this sounds like you, drop us a line!

Minimum Requirements:

  • Strong general web tech skills
  • Quick to pick up new technologies and learn new software
  • A strong interest in social media, online advertising and digital campaigning
  • Attention to detail

Bonus Skills (and areas we are willing to train you in):

  • Website Management (Basic HTML, CSS, and SEO, Typical content management systems, Hosting/Domains, experience working with developers and designers)
  • Ad Management/Tech (AdWords, DoubleClick, Facebook, Twitter, Reporting, Conversion tracking and optimization)
  • Systems Management (Google Apps, CRMs, Bulk email tools, Basecamp)
  • Analytics (Google Analytics and Tag Manager, Optimizely, other tools)
  • Misc. (Basic Photoshop, Social media strategy, account and client management and interaction)


  • Open Immediately
  • Full Time
  • Salary commensurate with experience and fit
  • Full Benefits (Health Insurance, 401k, Gym, Transit)
  • Portland Oregon

BrightRoll Survey Reveals Shifting Values for Online Video

BrightRoll has just released its 2015 Agency Survey which shows some valuable insights into how agencies are pitching online video in their RFP’s and where prospective clients are seeing the most value.

Here’s one of the more interesting takeaways: 72% of the survey respondents valued online video as effective or more effective than TV. On top of that, 56% of respondents said that their clients viewed targeting capabilities as the most valuable aspect of online video.

BrightRoll Survey

With data like this, we can only expect to see more campaigns shift larger portions of their TV budgets into online video.

Tools We Love: Adobe Kuler is Now Adobe Color CC

adobe_kuler_targetGenerate color themes wherever inspiration strikes with Adobe Color CC. Capture color combinations with your iPhone or iPad, or use any existing image, then go bonkers with them on the web app. Use them in your projects immediately by saving to Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries or syncing with the Adobe Color service. Check the Video



Millennials Spend More Time WIth Mobile, Impacts TV Time

That millennials are mobile crazy has been well established. How this obsessive behavior is affecting their broader media habits is less understood. New research now suggests that the mobile myopia of 18- to-34-year-olds is clearly cutting into their time with other media channels.


Today, 77% of this closely watched generation use a smartphone daily, according to new findings from Millward Brown Digital. That far exceeds the mobile habits even of Gen Xers — 60% of whom check their smartphone daily.

Rather than multitasking, however, millennials appear to be spending significantly less time with their TV and computers. On a daily basis, 77% are watching TV compared to 86% of Gen Xers, and whopping 91% of Baby Boomers, MBD found.

Via Media Post Daily

BandsInTown Releases Concert-Goer Data to Help Bands Plan Tours

Bands Use Fan Data To Plan Tours

Bandsintown Analytics Shows You Where Your Concert-Goers Are

Today, touring artists are gaining a new tool for understanding concert-goer behaviors, and where those fans are located around the globe. Today Bandsintown introduces analytics to help artists with many critical decisions such as tour routing, ticket sales, audience targeting and more. By leveraging the behaviors of our 15 million concert-goers, they show you where your richest concentration of fans going to shows are located, where they are RSVPing from and where fans are tracking similar sounding bands. Read More from BandsInTown

Lutheran World Relief Promotes Fair Trade

During the hustle and bustle of the 2014 election, we had the privilege of working on something a little less political with Lutheran World Relief. LWR provides outstanding relief services and programs all across the world. Just one of those programs is their “Ground Up” Coffee & Cocoa Initiative.

groundup3titleLWR gave us the opportunity to help this program gain a little more exposure through targeted social and display advertising with landing pages that matched the themes of the ads.

Lutheran World Relief - Ground Up By coordinating geographic and demographic targeting across direct site buys, Google Display Network, Facebook, and Twitter we were able to reach our core audience on a multitude of platforms and maximize relevant impressions during the Fair Trade Month of October.