Team Winning Mark’s mi adidas Project Runway challenge

by John Coghlan on December 19, 2011

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To celebrate the launch of our new WordPress website rebuild we wanted to do something fun. The whole team works on our website, whether it be coding, planning or posting, so it made sense that we all play a role in the upgrade from our previous website. The collaborative design effort went so well, we thought we would try our luck at designing some custom kicks next.

We each got a budget of $150 and access to a shared mi adidas account to create our shoes in their online builder app. I have an inexplicable adidas obsession so I’m not going to lie I have been planning my perfect pair of adidas shoes for a while and got far too much fun out of this whole experience.

So here’s our final designs:
Team Winning Mark Project Runway Mi Adidas Challenge Image

For more info on customized and personalized adidas products check out or twitter

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